Radford wins inaugural Touring Pro event in Kelowna

By: Ted Stovin  Wednesday, August 2, 2017 @ 11:11 PM

Brock Radford rides Pozzy Time for 84.5 points. PBR Canada photo by Covy Moore.

KELOWNA, British Columbia – Brock Radford (DeWinton, Alberta) earned his second win in eight days Wednesday night, taking the buckle at the Okanagan PBR Challenge, the first Canadian Touring Pro Division (TPD) event to be held Kelowna.

After riding Snapbacks (Skori Bucking Bulls) for 80 points in Round 1, the 22-year-old recorded the only qualified ride in the short go, lasting the full 8 aboard Pozzy Time (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls) for 84.5 points.

Radford, who double entered, also tied for sixth backed by his 82-point ride aboard Little Moe (Vold/Prescott) in the first round.

Collectively, the Alberta native earned $5,136.98, 61.33 world points and 305 Canadian points.

Now ranked No.3 in the PBR Canada national standings, Radford trails No.1 Cody Coverchuk (Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan) by 78.34 points.

Cole Young (Fairview, Alberta) and Tim Lipsett (Lumsden, Saskatchewan) tied for second after recording matching 85-point efforts in Round 1, riding Smash (Skori Bucking Bulls) and Overcooked (Vold/Prescott) respectively.

For the finish, each rider earned $2,503.48, 25 world points and160 Canadian points.

Lipsett, another double entry, also finished fourth at the tour’s first visit to the British Columbia town. The 23-year-old rode Ulterra’s Counter Force (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls) for 84 points in Round 1, but was unable to compete on his final round bull due injury.

He earned an additional $1,300.50 and 15 world points for his second Top-5 finish of the night.

Todd Chotowetz (Major, Saskatchewan) finished fifth courtesy of an 83-point effort on Forty Creek (S&E Bucking Bulls) in the first round. Chotowetz leaves Kelowna with $741.29 and 10 world points.

Justin Lloyd (Tisdale, Saskatchewan) and Edgar Durazo (Monteczuma, Sonora, Mexico) joined Radford tied for sixth after both recorded 82-point efforts in Round 1. Lloyd rode Whiplash (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls), while Durazo bested Gismo (S&E Bucking Bulls). For their work, each earned 1.33 world points and 30 Canadian points.

PBR Canada’s Touring Pro Division now travels to Elnora, Alberta for the 19th Annual Elnora Brahma Rama on August 12th at 7:30 p.m. MT.

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Official results from the Okanagan PBR Challenge in Kelowna, BC on August 2nd, 2017:

Round One: 1. (tie) Cole Young and Tim Lipsett, 85 points, $682.76; 3. Tim Lipsett, 84, $390.15; 4. Todd Chotowetz, 83, $195.08; 5. (tie) Brock Radford, Edgar Durazo and Justin Lloyd, 82; 8. Brock Radford, 80; 9. Edgar Durazo, 79.5.

Championship Round: 1. Brock Radford, 84.5 points, $780.30.

Overall (Aggregate, Total Money, World Points Earned): 1. Brock Radford, 164.5 points, $5,136.98, 60 world points; 2. (tie) Cole Young and Tim Lipsett, 85, $2,503.46, 25; 4. Tim Lipsett, 84, $1,300.50, 15; 5. Todd Chotowetz, 83, $741.29, 10; 6. (tie) Brock Radford, Edgar Durazo and Justin Lloyd, 82, $273.10, 1.67.