The Morning Line – Ottawa

By: Tanner Byrne  Saturday, June 8, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

PBR Canada's Cup Series returns to Ottawa, Ontario, on June 8. Photo: Covy Moore/

OTTAWA, Ont. – Coming off a great two-day event in Kingston, Ontario, and we’re finishing up the Eastern run in Ottawa, Ontario.

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And look for more of the same – great crowds, great action and a lot of great bull riding in store. There are going to be some good rides, we’re going to see more Ontario guys this weekend.

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These are some of the matchups that stand out to me for Round 1 of the event from Ottawa. Let us know your thoughts and your picks for the Cup Series event by tagging @PBRCanada on Twitter.  

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Weston Davidson vs. Busta Rhymes

Weston has been on this bull numerous times and has had great success on this bull. He was the long-round bull that he rode in Brandon to win his first Cup Series event. He also rode this bull at the Rose City Invitational, Coy Robbins’ bull riding, in Camrose, Alberta, and look for the same thing here. The bull should have a look to the right, around to the left. Weston knows what he does, knows what he feels like. Whichever way he goes, Weston is riding really great into his hand, and away from his hand right now. Look for him to have great success, and a possible round win in Ottawa.

Dakota Buttar vs. Night Stalker

Rematch from last week in Kingston, Ontario. The bull got Dakota down on the ground, but don’t look for that to happen again here in Ottawa. He is going to know what this bull feels like now, know that he has a little bit of suck back to him. He got Buttar’s feet behind him last time and pulled him down over his head. Buttar is going to be ready for that. Stick his chest up, run his knees up a little bit more, let the bull come up under him. We could see an 88-89-point ride in Ottawa for Dakota Buttar.

Coy Robbins vs. Diggin Up Bones

Coy knows what this bull is all about. A big, grey muley. He is in my picks a lot, because he looks like one the guys really like to get on. He kicks and bucks, blows in the air, should be around to the right. The only trick that he might have is a switch up at the end. He likes to jump out of it sometimes and go back to the left. But look for Coy to be all over that, ready for whatever this bull throws at him. 85-86 points for the middle of the pack to come back with a good pick in the championship round to have great success for Coy.

Dusty Golden vs. Night Fury

Dusty Golden really impressed me last weekend. He was a kid we all watched growing up, knew he was going to have great success and go as far as he wants to go in the bull riding business. He’s suffered a few injuries in his bull riding career, that have been a setback for him, but he’s starting to come into his own and be the Dusty Golden that we all know. And he showed that last weekend in Kingston, rode a bull that a lot of guys don’t get along with in Hat Trick. Rode him all day and I think that boosted up his confidence and he’s feeling really good now and knows that he can have success at this level. This is a perfect bull to do it on, right in the gate to the left. Just a good one that the guys like to get on, an 85-86-point ride to set Dusty up good to come back in the championship round. Look for this Eastern run to top Dusty off and give him the confidence that he can compete at this highest level and get in the running for the Canadian Championship.

Nick Tetz vs. Fur Daddy

I don’t actually know anything about this bull, I am sure we saw him in Kingston and/or London, but its not sticking out to me. But it doesn’t really matter right now for Nick Tetz. I think that the win in Kingston got him back to the confidence level that he needs to be at. Know that he’s back to riding really good, and winning, and its perfect timing coming into the summer run in Canada and into the Team Series. Look for Nick to continue his championship ways of the past, stick it all over this bull and try to win himself another Ontario Cup Series event.