Marwayne Event Winner Wyatt Gleeson Committed to PBR Canada National Finals Push in 2024

By: Covy Moore  Thursday, April 18, 2024 @ 10:14 AM

Wyatt Gleeson went a perfect 2-for-2 to win the Marwayne PBR. Photo: Covy Moore/

AIRDRIE, Alta. – PBR Canada’s event in Marwayne, Alberta, is old school. The fans are loud. They cheer hardest for the best rides.

And this past weekend, Wyatt Gleeson made the most noise, going 2-for-2 to take home his second win at the Marwayne PBR.  

The 29-year-old entered the event No. 10 in the standings. But it’s relatively early in the season, and the victory launched him to No. 8 overall, getting the momentum rolling into a busy spring PBR Canada season.

Covering two Foley Bucking Bulls bovine athletes for a combined 172 points, Gleeson cut loose and spurred both bulls, flashing up his efforts for the fans and judges.  

“First bull I had of James Foley’s was pretty good,” Gleeson began. “He sent me some video of him when the draw came out. He was up and down, something you can win on and spur really well.”

“That bull just has a history of going right and not doing much more than bucking hard. I was confident that I could spur on that one if I got into a good spot. I ride really aggressively. I feel like if I don’t bring the fight to the bulls then I just fall off. That is my mentality every time.”

Gleeson has a history of success in Marwayne, riding to two event victories and five round wins.

What makes that specific event so successful for him?

"The fans are really loud there,” Gleeson said. “They are real bull riding fans in those rural communities. They are all ranchers and farmers and know the sport. They know when to cheer when things are going right.”

“That event is put on by old school bull riders, too, so you want to impress all of them. I have always had positive vibes there. I hope they keep having that event because I will be coming back year after year.”

Gleeson is both a rodeo and PBR cowboy, but with the huge $100,000 bonus on the line for claiming the 2024 PBR Canada Championship, Gleeson confirmed he will be aiming at competing at more PBR events this season to ensure he is headed to Edmonton in November in contention for the title.  

 “A little bit more consistency, going to a few more events,” Gleeson said of what it would take to accomplish that goal. “I didn’t go to as many events as other guys last year, but when it came down to the Cup events, I made it count at those. Consistency at the Cups and getting to a few more Touring Pros, and then you will see me come out on top.”

Gleeson wants to become a PBR Canada Champions. And with plenty of experience in winning, and also losing, he says he has learned to simply keep the goal front of mind.

“I have a couple set goals in mind. I know from past experiences that if you don't stick to your goals, they won't come about. Even when you are in a bind and things look tough you have to stick to that goal. You have to stick to it, otherwise you don't accomplish anything,” Gleeson said.

“I have a couple big goals: the CPRA title and the PBR title. And a couple goals that are secret and are just for me. But I am going to stick with that goal of becoming a Canadian Champion bull rider.”

As for which stop along the TSN-televised PBR Canada Cup Series he is looking forward to most this year, it was an easy choice for Gleeson.

“I would say Kelowna. That was my first Cup Series win of my career [last year]. I have never been in a building louder than that. I travelled with a really good group of bull riders [Brock Radford and Ashton Sahli} and we came out of there first, second and third. Our rides were all back-to-back-to-back and that building only got louder and louder,” Gleeson said.

“That was an atmosphere I haven’t experienced too much. It had an electricity in the air that not all events have.”