The Morning Line – Lethbridge Round 2

By: Tanner Byrne  Saturday, March 4, 2023 @ 10:00 AM

Championship Saturday for the PBR South Country Co-op Showdown, presented by, begins on March 4 at 7:00 p.m. MST. Photo: Covy Moore/

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. – Tonight is the night! When the dust settles Saturday evening inside ENMAX Centre we will crown the 2023 event champion for the PBR South Country Co-op Showdown, presented by

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If Round 1 was any indication is what is in store for fans on Championship Saturday, fans are in for a treat!

The race to be crowned the 2023 PBR Canada Champion is on, with tonight’s competition set to play a crucial hand in shaping the standings.

Below are bullfighter Tanner Byrne’s bets for Round 2 of the event from Lethbridge. Let us know your thoughts and your picks for the Cup Series event by tagging @PBRCanada on Twitter.

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Tyler Craig vs. Big Easy

This is a rematch for Tyler in Big Easy, one that the guys like to get on. He’s a big, yellow bull, right in the gate to the right is his normal track, so he’s into Tyler’s hand. Tyler has had success on this bull before, with an 86-point ride. Look for him to do that again. This bull should be rested up and be firing. Same with Tyler. A great kid that you’re going to see a breakout year from this year I think in the PBR Canada and be in the running for the Championship this year. Look for a great start and a great ride to set himself up well for the championship round from Tyler and Big Easy.

Dakota Buttar vs. Blue North

This is a bull the guys like to get on. He’s got a few different trips to him. He could be really good, and some days he may not have that phenomenal trip, but you’re still going to get score on him with either trip that he has. This bull bucked off Dakota before, but don’t look for that to happen again. Look for Dakota to sit up there, ride this bull with ease and get and 85-86-point score to set him up for the championship round and get Buttar back on track in the running for the Canadian Championship. Really kick off the season in Lethbridge.

Nick Tetz vs. Tractorlands Freakshow

This is a rematch for Tetz. This bull bucked him off at the season opener in Red Deer. He was one of my picks there and he’s one of my picks again. I don’t think Nick is going to let that happen again. This is a good bull that you want to draw, right in the gate to the right. Little bit of back up underneath himself. Nick just got beat out of the chutes in Red Deer. I think he knows what this bull is all about, knows what he feels like, and don’t look for that to happen again. This one Nick should knock out and this could be a possible round win as well for Nick with an 87-88-point score.

Jake Gardner vs. Out of the Blue

Jake is riding really well right now, he’s been South of the border on the rodeo tour, making a run at the Wrangler NFR and has been having great success down there. He’s riding great and having fun. You saw it in Red Deer the skills that he has, and when he puts them all together there’s nobody that can beat Jake. Look for this one to be really great for him. This bull should be around to the right and if you’re riding him, depending on where you’re sitting, he could go back around to the left. He really bucks on feel. But Jake really rides on feel as well. So look for him to ride this one like its just a jump kicker, up and down, doesn’t matter which way he goes, goes both way, or stays to the right. It doesn’t matter. Look for Jake to sit up there and ride this one and get an 86-87-point score.

Jared Parsonage vs. Bubba Gump

Jared’s been riding well this season. Kicks it off with a win in Red Deer and does exactly what we all know Jared Parsonage is capable of, and that is winning every time that he nods his head. Jared’s got a bull named Bubba Gump. I don’t know much about this bull. I found one video of him on the internet, and he looked good. Around to the left. One that Jared should eat up, and have some fun with and get a good score on. Look for Jared to get an 85 on this bull and set himself up great for the championship round and get a good pick. Hopefully beat them in the average like he does more often than not. Look for Jared and Bubba Gump to match up for a good 85-point score.