Brock Radford Looking Forward to Traditional PBR Visit to Lethbridge

By: Covy Moore  Wednesday, March 1, 2023 @ 5:55 PM

The PBR Canada Cup Series, presented by Wrangler, will take over Lethbridge, Alberta, on March 3-4. Photo: Covy Moore/

AIRDRIE, Alta. – The PBR Canada South Country Co-op Showdown, presented by, annually held at ENMAX Centre is a staple of the PBR Canada season. Traditionally the first event of the calendar year, now the second, most riders look forward to taking the drive to Alberta’s windy city.

For annual title contender Brock Radford, who has been able to walk away with previous wins in Lethbridge, he says the event has such a great atmosphere because of one thing -- the crowd.

“We have had our event in Lethbridge at different times of year, and it has always been great,” Radford said. “You cannot deny that Lethbridge is most of the guys' favourite event, because of that atmosphere and the crowd that we get there. I think this time of year everyone has cabin fever on our side, and all those college kids have a ton of pressure with tests and things coming up. When the bull riding comes to town they like to come and let loose.

“It’s definitely one of the best for crowd participation for sure.”

ENMAX Centre has witnessed countless amazing stories. From the heartfelt and memorable Ty Pozzobon dedications to start the 2017 season, to 2022 PBR Canada Champion Nick Tetz’ dominating performance last year that helped set up his title run.

But for Radford, the most memorable are the ones that saw lots of his friends and competitors covering bulls for big scores.

“The year I won it is one that sticks out for sure. Everyone wants to win Lethbridge.”

“There was one year down there where everyone was riding, and it was really tough to win,” Radford added. “It was a rank bull riding that weekend. Guys rise and ride for the occasion, and Lethbridge is an event we are able to feed off of for sure.”

With the offseason trailing off for the competitors in the PBR Canada ranks, Radford says he will be keeping a keen eye on some of the younger guys who have spent a good chunk of their winter in the United States riding at Touring Pro Division and Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour events.

Lethbridge will be a chance to show off whatever skills and lessons have been learned stateside.

“Obviously the guys who have been going like Nick Tetz and Griffin Smeltzer. They have been making some noise, I wouldn’t expect them to do any less this weekend. Couple of other guys that have been going too, but I know it's clicking for Stefan Tonita and Weston Davidson,” Radford said.

“I know Chad Hartman is probably chomping at the bit, wanting some redemption for talking so much smack about riding Deep Creek in Red Deer, and he ended up stubbing his toe, so I bet he is itching to get that one back on all of us too.”

The two-day PBR Canada Cup Series, presented by Wrangler, tour stop will be the second premier series event, and fourth overall on Canadian soil for 2023.

While the season-launch stop in Red Deer, Alberta, wasn’t the opener Radford was hoping for, he plans on converting this season’s trip to Lethbridge into a solid run at a Canadian title.

“Momentum, it’s big in a two-day event like this,” Radford said. “It’s establishing that dominance right out of the gate. This is the weekend where guys can go make a statement on who is going to be in that hunt early for the Canadian title.”

“There are a lot of points up here for us, it’s a big event for us up here in Canada. Get things going in your favour, cause once you start that it's hard to stop.”

And Radford is ready for the challenge this weekend.

After a minor re-injury to his knee one month ago, the 27-year-old has spent the month with a personal trainer and ensured he has done his part ahead of this weekend's event.

“I am feeling way better. I think I jumped the gun a little bit with Red Deer. My knee wasn’t quite ready or strong enough and I hurt it a little bit more.”

“I plan on running everything they run under me,” Radford concluded. “I want to be the one establishing that dominance I was talking about earlier. Say ‘Hey, I am taking the lead out of the gate, let’s go.’ But everyone wants to do that. So I will do my part and let the rest take care of itself. It is going to be a bad ass bull riding this weekend.”