Montana Silversmiths’ Women Of The PBR- Strong Ties: Caitlin Brooks

By: Darci Miller  Thursday, May 30, 2019 @ 11:20 AM

Caitlin Brooks, girlfriend of Dakota Buttar, is one of Montana Silversmiths' Women of the PBR.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. You’ll hear no arguments from the PBR family.

From wives, mothers and girlfriends to stock contractors and broadcasters, the Women of the PBR play many important roles.

Throughout the 2019 season, we’ll be sharing some of their perspectives on the PBR, fashion and the Western lifestyle.

In today’s Q&A, we chatted with Caitlin Brooks, Dakota Buttar’s girlfriend, about the relationships she’s formed in the PBR, how she balances travel with her business and some of her favorite fashion trends. Thanks for chatting with us today, Caitlin! To start things off, how long have you been coming to PBR events?

Caitlin Brooks: So 2016, I think, was Dakota’s first year. He started at the (Velocity) Finals, right before the World Finals, and he ended up doing well at the (Velocity) Finals and made World Finals. Since then, we’ve been coming. When you started coming to PBRs, do you remember the first person to befriend you or welcome you into the group?

CB: Korie Nance. That first year, she was standing in the hallway by the locker room all by herself. And I was too. I’m pretty shy, and I just said, “The girl in the hallway. Always talk to the girl in the hallway.” Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. Which of the other PBR ladies are you closest to?

CB: Oh gosh, all of us. It’s a big family, really. There isn’t one that I’m more (close to). Really we all get along fairly well. What’s the atmosphere at events like with all the women together?

CB: One word I like to describe it is “safe.” I don’t know if that makes sense, but we all feel for everybody. It’s not just being nervous for yourself. I’m nervous for Korie’s husband, I’m nervous for Aymie (Kolbaba)’s. You know what I mean? We all kind of have the same feel. How do you guys support each other through such a long season?

CB: A lot of communication. We text each other. When I’m not there, Korie’s there telling me how things are going when Dakota rides, and vice versa. It’s just keeping everybody in the know, I guess you could say. How do you welcome a new woman into the fold?

CB: Oh gosh, I’d probably just take them in like they’re my own! I don’t know. I’m just a friendly person. No one likes to sit there by themselves and feel that. You want them to feel safe too, so you kind of just throw them in. [laughs] Like last night, I had never met Ezekiel Mitchell’s girlfriend, and I was like, “Hey girl!” and I sat with her all night. It’s just a natural thing, really. How often are you on the road with Dakota?

CB: Last year I went to, I would say, more than half of events. This year I haven’t gone to as many. I’ve been very, very busy with my business. Working has been a priority for me, as well as Dakota and I are starting to build our own ranch and trying to save money and do the things. [laughs] What’s your business, and how do you balance that with travel?

CB: I’m a hairdresser, full-time. The nice thing about being a hairdresser is I am my own boss, so I can kind of work around it. My clients understand that bull riding is not a forever thing for him, so I get to go and I get to support him and they understand that. How do you deal with the stress of getting ready to watch Dakota ride knowing that injury is possible?

CB: I always say you never know what’s going to happen. Of course I feel nervous and I get excited, but it’s not going to change the outcome. When they’re going to get hurt, they’re going to get hurt. It’s just something you have to come to terms with before you put yourself in that relationship or you put yourself in that position. I’m sure it’s something you can get used to, but I was well aware of the dangers when I got into it. Who’s someone you always look forward to seeing at PBR events?

CB: Oh gosh, everybody! I don’t know. It’s just a big family. There’s no one specific I would say more than others. Korie is one of my sisters. From the beginning, she’s just been my person, and when she’s not here it does suck, but there’s lots of women that I’m close with. But for her, she’s probably my go-to woman. What does it mean to you to be a part of the PBR family?

CB: There’s not a lot of Canadians on tour, so it means a lot that these women take me in. Yeah, I’m from a different country, but… [laughs] you know, it is. It is a family, and they do grab you with open arms, and it’s very, very nice. What’s your favorite item of clothing/fashion trend right now?

CB: I’m really into trousers, like wide-leg jeans. High-waisted, keeps everything in. It’s kind of a season change right now too, so right now I’m wearing lots of long sleeves, trying to keep myself warm until summertime. When it comes to clothing, jewelry or makeup, what’s one staple item that we’ll never see you without?

CB: My eyelashes. A hundred percent. I’m very, very blonde, and they suck. [laughs] My natural lashes, they suck so bad. So yeah, my lashes are my go-to. You wake up, put your lashes on. And my hair. Because I’m a hairdresser, I do take pride in my hair. What do you like about the pieces in your Montana Silversmiths collection?

CB: Silver, you can’t really go wrong. It goes with everything. Same with the rose gold. I love it. Goes with my hair!

You can check out the latest collections with Montana Silversmiths here. Stay tuned next month as we talk with another of the Women of the PBR.