Ted's Picks - Abbotsford, BC

By: Ted Stovin  Saturday, October 1, 2016 @ 1:15 PM

Herf (Two Bit Bucking Bulls) throws around Garrett Green in Calgary. Photo by Covy Moore.

ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia -- Saturday night at the Abbotsford Centre we kick off the month of October and stop number five of the PBR Monster Energy Canada Tour.

Ty Pozzobon continues to lead the charge and improved his lead to over 400 points after a second-consecutive second place finish in Calgary. Dakota Buttar is hot on his heels while Cody Coverchuk is only another 100 points back. All three are here in Abbotsford as Pozzobon has turned down the PBR's top-level Built Ford Tough Series once again despite qualification.

This week I'm going to go a different direction with a couple picks to change things up. With bulls winning more than not on the whole in our sport, I wanted to highlight a few of the top ones to watch in the first round.

Don't forget about the potential $20,000 bounty on VJV Nailed in the Monster Energy Champion's Challenge for the event champion. 

Shay Marks vs. 259 Stay Smart - I'm excited to see Shay make his return this weekend. Despite not competing since July, he's still ranked tenth in Canada. Stay Smart is a solid black bull from the Wild Hoggs that Cody Coverchuk took to a long round best 85 in Winnipeg two short weeks ago. Look for Shay to make his way into that final round and ideally be the first Canadian to win a stop on this year's Monster Energy Tour.

Jackson Scott vs. 147 Still Water - Josh Berezay and I are talking about this bull as I'm writing this and he's got to be one of the most under-rated bulls in our country. Still Water bucks every time, doing his job but he stops as soon as he's got his man on the ground. I think Still Water is one of the best examples of a bucking bull and what his job is. Despite still having the flank on, he doesn't buck as soon as the rider is on the ground. Show a video of Still Water to anyone who might not understand bucking bulls and how they hold themselves. Back to the point of this write up though, Jackson Scott has his hands full in his Monster Energy Tour debut. Covy Moore wrote a great story about Jackson on Friday. Ridden only once in 20 outs, it's definitely advantage bull. I would love to see nothing more than Jackson blow the roof off of this place on Saturday.

Brady Oleson vs. 398 Crying Black - Also from the Two Bit firm of Magrath, AB Crying Black has been impressive in four outs so far with no qualified rides. Brady was our PBR Canada Finals Champion in 2015 but we haven't seen him much this season. I hate to do it but I think it's advantage bull here again, especially after putting Matt Triplett on the ground before the eight in Calgary. A score here though could handily win the first round. 

yet to be ridden, bucked off Matt the other day in Calgary, big scores on the board

Dakota Buttar vs. 328 Fantastic Genes - Yet to be ridden in three outs, Fantastic Genes is a product of 861 Bucking Fantastic and a Jiminy Genes cow. Uncharacteristically, Buttar has been bucked off six of his last seven bulls in PBR competition and fallen further behind Ty Pozzobon for the number one spot. There's still time to catch up though and I see a couple streak changing no Saturday for the two-time CPRA Champion. 

Ty Pozzobon vs. 225 Big Tymer - Ridden in Winnipeg by Gatlin Aebischer of Oklahoma for 85 points to split round one, Big Tymer was actually brought into Canada by Ty himself. Not ridden on record other than that 85, look for Pozzy to go all the way up at the Abbotsford Centre. Usually a right hand spinner, Big Tymer is co-owned by Pozzy and Vold/Prescott and has won money in the ABBI Canada Derby competitions in 2016 as a four year-old. 

Zane Lambert vs. 124 Tweedle Dee - A bull purchased from the Scissons family of Central Alberta, Tweedle Dee put up a big bull score in Calgary at the Ranchman's this summer. Only one ride has been recorded based on the stats but I see another one coming up on Saturday. Zane needs some points to get to Saskatoon and this is one opportunity he won't let pass him by. 

The following is the draw for the PBR Monster Energy Canada Tour stop in Abbotsford, BC on October 1st, 2016 starting at 7:30pm PST. 

# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Shay Marks Stay Smart HOGS 259 L
2 Riley Blankenship Myth Boy HOGS 295 L
3 Ron Hunt Mystery Soldier WHBK 099 L
4 Travis Warburton Marshals Law HOGS 209 R
5 Tyler Pankewitz Stay Alert HOGS 203 R
6 Cole Young Whiplash HOGS 13 L
7 Cody Ford Monkey Nuts SKRI 193 L
8 Cody Coverchuk Sharky SKRI 221 R
9 Marlon Williams Double Down SKRI 114 R
10 Lonnie West Smash SKRI 51 L
11 Zane Kubik Snap Backs SKRI 86 L
12 Kale Marks Shot of Whiskey 2BITPZ 185 R
13 Jackson Scott Still Water 2BIT 147 L
14 Brady Oleson Crying Black 2BIT 398 L
15 Douglas Duncan Platinum's Back 2BIY A14 R
16 Cody Casper Blood Money 2BIY Z00 R
17 Jake Wilson GF US 2BIY A02 L
18 Dakota Buttar Fantastic Genes 2BIT 328 L
19 Thor Hoefer II Border Bound 2BIY XO2 L
20 Dillon Tyner Booster Juice CSBB 84 R
21 Wyatt Laughlin Booby Trap CSBB 115 L
22 Ty Patten Corona Time VR/P -206 L
23 Ty Pozzobon Big Tymer VR/P 225 L
24 Justin Lloyd Who's Not Yours VR/P 292 R
25 Zane Lambert Tweedle Dee VR/P 124 R
26 Cooper Zur Road Rage VR/P 27 L
27 Alexandre Cardozo Hollow Point VR/P +206 L


# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
28   Barely Legal CSBB 75 L
29   Double Major HOGS 2 R
30   Coopers Comet VR/P 127 R
31   King Pin HOGS 166 R
32   Blue By U 2BM 165 L
33   Venom VR/P +127 R
34   Quags Back VR/P 128 R
35   Herf 2BM 19 R
36   Johnny Ringo VR/P 105 L
37   Snap Trapper HOGS 122 L

The PBR is in Abbotsford, BC for stop number five of the PBR Monster Energy Canada Tour on Saturday, October 1st at the Abbotsford Centre starting at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.