Parsonage Wins Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge

By: Kacie Albert  Saturday, March 2, 2019 @ 11:35 PM

Jared Parsonage wins the PBR Monster Energy Tour's debut at the Enmax Centre. Photo: Covy Moore/

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta – In front of a sold-out crowd on Saturday night inside the ENMAX Centre, Jared Parsonage (Maple Creek, Saskatchewan), the lone rider to go a perfect 3-for-3, won the Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge at the first-ever PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Canada Monster Energy Tour event in Lethbridge, Alberta.

After beginning the event with an 81-point trip on Dylan’s Devi (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls) in Round 1, the 25-year-old returned with a fire in Round 2, covering Dirty Work (X6 Ranch Bucking Cattle) for 83.5 points.

In the championship round, Parsonage drew Big John (Two Bit Bucking Bulls), who he covered for 75 points, propelling him to the second Canadian Monster Energy Tour event win of his career.

Compliments of the win, Parsonage netted $8,505.87, in addition to 535 Canadian and 170 world points. Parsonage leaves Lethbridge as the No.1-ranked rider in Canada, 90.83 points in front of No. 2 Shay Marks (Sunny Brook, Alberta), and No. 44 in the PBR world standings.

Second went to Jackson Scott (Kamloops, British Columbia), earning $4,982.01, 322.5 Canadian and 90 world points. In the world standings, Scott is now ranked No. 69, 173.33 points outside of the Top 35, while he is No. 4 in the Canadian national standings.

Scott’s event began with a qualified ride aboard Playing Chicken (Vold Rodeo) in Round 1 for 83 points, which he followed with an 86-point trip aboard Rhythm & Blues (Flying High Rodeo Co.) in Round 2.

Two-time Lethbridge event-winner Garrett Green (Meeting Creek, Alberta) finished third.

For Green, he is now No. 68 in the world, and No. 3 in the Canadian national standings.

In round 1 he covered Ripped at the Seams (Vold Rodeo) for 82.5 points, which he followed with an 86.5-point ride on Catch My Drift (Two Bit Bucking Bulls) for 235 Canadian, 55 world points and $3,037.81.

2015 PBR Canada Champion Tanner Byrne (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) finished fourth, earning $2,673.27, 205 Canadian and 20 world points. Now ranked No. 7 in his home nation’s national standings, Byrne is also No. 39 in the world, 38.33 points outside of the Top 35.

Byrne’s qualified rides came aboard Late Night Host (Kesler Rodeo) for 80 points in Round 1, and One for the Money (Vold Rodeo) for 86.5 points to win Round 2. He was bucked off by VJV Whiskey Hand (Vold Rodeo) in the Championship Round.

Rounding out the Top 5 was Marks.

The home province bull rider first rode Rebel Soul (Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls) for 83 points in Round 1, prior to making the 8 atop Broken Trigger (Skori Bucking Bulls) for 79.5 points in Round 2.

Marks, who won the season-launch Monster Energy Tour event in Winnipeg, leaves the city with 87.5 Canadian and 15 world points.

Reigning PBR Canada Bull of the Year Happy Camper (Two Bit Bucking Bulls) was the high-marked bull of the event. He earned a 44.5-point bull score for his 3.22-second buckoff of Jake Lockwood (Volborg, Montana) in the championship round. 

The PBR Canada Monster Energy Tour next travels to Calgary, Alberta and the Nurtien Western Event Centre for the Calgary Classic on March 22-23.


PBR Canada Monster Energy Tour

Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge

Lethbridge, Alberta – ENMAX Centre

Event Leaders (Round 1-Round 2-Round 3-Event Aggregate-Canadian Points-World Points)

1. Jared Parsonage, 81-83.5-75-239.50-535 Points.

2. Jackson Scott [1], 83-86-0-169.00-322.5 Points.

3. Garrett Green, 82.5-85.5-0-168.00-235 Points.

4. Tanner Byrne, 80-86.5-0-166.50-205 Points.

5. Shay Marks, 83-79.5-0-162.50-87.5 Points.

6. Cody Casper, 85.5-0-0-85.50-145 Points.

7. Aaron Roy, 85-0-0-85.00-80 Points.

8. Dayton Johnston [1], 84.5-0-0-84.50-65 Points.

9. Billy West, 84-0-0-84.00-50 Points.

10. Wyatt Gleeson, 0-83.5-0-83.50-45 Points.

11. Jake Lockwood, 82.5-0-0-82.50-10 Points.

12. Dakota Louis, 0-81-0-81.00-17.5 Points.

(tie). Warlen Aquino, 0-81-0-81.00-17.5 Points.

14. Kache Moosman, 80-0-0-80.00-5 Points.

(tie). Dalton Rudman, 0-80-0-80.00-5 Points.

Thor Hoefer II, 0-0-0-0.00

Dayton Johnston [2], 0-0-0-0.00

Zane Lambert, 0-0-0-0.00

Logan Biever, 0-0-0-0.00

Todd Chotowetz, 0-0-0-0.00

Jackson Scott [2], 0-0-0-0.00

Cole Young, 0-0-0-0.00

Jake Gardner, 0-0-0-0.00

Micheal Ostashek, 0-0-0-0.00

Italo Aguilar Goncalves, 0-0-0-0.00

Riley Gagnon, 0-0-0-0.00

Chase Thielen, 0-0-0-0.00

Klayton Lakevold, 0-0-0-0.00

Wyatt Laughlin, 0-0-0-0.00

Weston Hartman, 0-0-0-0.00

Ron Hunt, 0-0-0-0.00